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MYPS can help you reach new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales with our digital PR and branding services.

PR & Media


Your brand’s narrative and stories deserve a lot more than mere articulate expression. Strategic communication through the right channels is just as essential. Our Media Relations services utilize a blend of press releases, tailored pitches, and thought-leadership write-ups to engage critical stakeholders effectively. We foster lasting relationships to ensure your message garners attention from opinion leaders, decision makers, & industry influencers.

Over time, we help you methodically elevate your brand's market positioning and amplify its credibility

Content Creation

Quality content is indispensable in establishing your brand as an industry leader. It compels potential clients to take note of your brand and makes it a recognizable name in your domain of operations. Our Content Creation services create narratives across an expansive variety of media formats. Blogs, videos, infographics, whitepaper, case studies, and podcasts are just a few of them.

Each content piece is crafted to address your audience and interact with them. This helps drive traffic and generate leads while maintaining a consistent  degree of audience engagement.

Reputation Management

Trust us to provide immediate and expert intervention whenever there’s a public relations issue. PR nightmares are much more frequent in this digital-first age, and our Reputation Management team employs real-time and data-driven strategies to systematically manage negative press. Over time, we neutralize negative and hostile public sentiment and restore your brand's image to reflect positivity, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Benefit from our strategic management team’s rapid response capabilities, and a robust network of influential media contacts.

Social Media


As of August 2023, around 4.9 billion people have an active social media presence. Managing your brand’s image on social media needs more than occasional posts on the platforms you’re active on. It requires a comprehensive & data-driven strategy developed with precision. Our Social Media Management services use advanced analytics, tools, and AI to craft bespoke content to maximize user engagement and ROI, besides boosting the overall brand sentiment.

We deliver actionable insights into audience behavior and prop up your brand, ensuring it rises above the digital chaos and stands out.

Web Development

As screens become smaller and attention spans drop, your website's critical importance as a multifunctional business asset cannot be understated. Our Web Development team employs cutting-edge technologies to deliver responsive, secure, and intuitive user experiences.

The resulting digital platform is a finely tuned asset, perfectly aligned with your business objectives, market strategy, and customer expectations.

Influencer/Celeb Management

Influencer partnerships are invaluable and can serve as a key strategic differentiator. Our Influencer Marketing services identify and establish collaborations with social media figures who are uniquely positioned to appeal to your target audience. 

We help your brand get ahead using our systematic and data-backed strategies that offer authentic influencer endorsements to enhance visibility and boost your consumers’ trust.



Exceptional events combine elements above and beyond entertainment. They captivate, inspire, and educate attendees. A successful event can help spread the word about your brand’s best aspects. Our Event Management team designs immersive experiences that maximize attendee engagement and ROI. From conceptualization to execution, each aspect is carefully planned and managed.

With our team’s experience, you can be rest assured that every event you organise will contribute significantly to better brand recollection and customer loyalty.

Guiding with crafted solutions in scope for all

Connect with us to dive further into each of these 7 pillars of our 360° world of digital PR & branding services.

Our Vision & Mission

Mission and Vision Statements

Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve unparalleled growth using our services. We prioritize your success and deliver exceptional and innovative branding strategies. Our tailor-made solutions help you engage your audience, amplify your message, and drive results and revenue.

Our vision is to become a global leader in PR, digital marketing and branding solutions. We aim to continuously evolve our strategies, integrating cutting-edge technologies and best practices to exceed client expectations and set new industry standards.

Years of Combined Experience

360° Branding Solutions

Innovation at Every Step

Data-Backed Analysis & Action

Customized Approaches Guaranteed

Reinvent brand strategies

To ensure each of our services adds increased effectiveness & mileage to your brand equity, we use two crucial strategies- 

Protecting your

brand's reputation

Social Listening

Understanding what your audience is saying about you is crucial. We employ advanced social listening tools to gauge public sentiment, providing valuable insights that are incorporated into your branding and reputation management strategies.

Collaborative Creation

We coordinate with your team at every step to ensure that each of these services showcases your unique perspectives. Our in-house development teams for media relations, reputation & social media management, and content will work in tandem with your professionals.

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