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In the rapidly evolving digital age, the role of influencers in shaping public perception and ‘influencing’ how people view a brand has become more powerful than ever before. Whether you're a fashionista, a fitness enthusiast, a gaming pro, or a thought leader, your brand -which is you - remains your most valuable asset. 

How you manage, protect, and magnify that brand determines your impact, credibility, and success.

Collaborating with an experienced 360-degree digital marketing and PR firm like My Public Square can significantly amplify your social and online presence. Our team of experts craft a unique narrative for you that resonates with your audience and elevates your reputation.

Our Services For You

Holistic Digital Strategy:

No two influencers are the same. There are hundreds of notable figures in every sphere, and each one is unique. 

At My Public Square, our dedicated team that will work on your behalf understands this pretty well. They will test and launch tailored digital strategies which synergize across very different platforms. Testing will be ramped up as engagement with your followers increases.

From content calendars to SEO optimization, they’ll ensure your digital presence is not just felt but remembered for a lot longer.

Fighting Fake News:

We dislike fake and malicious news as much as you do. 

Unfortunately, this is an age where misinformation is almost everywhere and often more noticeable than factually accurate news. Your reputation can be at stake with a single unverified news piece. 

With our expert PR team at your helm, rapid response mechanisms are activated in real time. They debunk this incorrect information, preventing fake news and outright rumors from eroding the trust you've built with your audience over time.

Enhanced Personal Branding:

Authenticity is the golden core of personal branding. 

That quality is exactly what our branding professionals try to maintain while not being too overt. We consider the combination of factors that makes you unique, ensuring that your brand reflects who you truly are. 

Through consistent messaging and visual storytelling, they make your voice stand apart. Your connection with your audience is thus clear, distinct, and increasingly engaging.

Excellence in Media Relations:

Connections matter. 

With My Public Square managing your Media Relations and PR, you'll not just be seen -  you will be seen in the right light and at all the right places. 

We will pitch your story through leading media outlets. We will go to great extents to secure prime-time features and advertisements that will position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Elevating Trustworthiness:

Trust is the most valuable thing in the influencer realm. 

Leave it to us to retain that Trust for you. As a leading social marketing firm, we leverage tools like testimonials, case studies, and partnerships, cementing your credibility. Your followers will start to see you as someone who is a trusted advisor, confidant, and domain expert, and not just an influencer.

Social Image Refinement:

Ever-evolving algorithms, dynamic market trends, the advent of nano influencers, and other associated factors have made maintaining a consistent social media image very challenging. 

Trust our cross-functional teams of professionals to ensure that your online persona evolves without losing its original essence. Our in-house experts analyze metrics, engage with audience sentiments, and develop newer strategies- all to keep your image untarnished and fresh.

Our Social Media Management (SMM) experts will reach out to you or your representatives from time to time. These brainstorming sessions help us figure out the next best course of action to deal with the situation at hand.

Online Reputation Management:

Simply put, this is crisis management and a race against time!

In the unfortunate event of a mishap, like a controversial tweet, a social media meltdown, or something far more serious like a smear campaign, a swift, empathetic, and effective response can make all the difference. 

Our ORM and PR teams will be ready, ensuring that narratives are controlled and overall trust is restored.

The process takes time; give us a chance to showcase our reputation & crisis control expertise. You’ll be surprised by the innovative ideas our PR has to share.

Let MyPS Add That Spark of Magic to Your Brand!

The journey of an influencer is full of opportunities and challenges. While your charisma, talent, and hard work are the pillars of your branding efforts, having a 24x7 Marketing and PR team backing you up, guarantees that your brand shines consistently, resonating warmth and trust. 

My Public Square is your always-on-duty agency that aids you become a force to be reckoned with.

Connect with us Today. Your narrative deserves to be told authentically and with both style and substance. Once we join forces, you will have more responsible and eager-to-assist experts at your disposal.

They will support you as you continue to inspire, lead, and revolutionize.

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